Mantra Lounge Melbourne is more than a Café – It’s a community space for catching up with friends, meetings, meditation sessions, visual art exhibitions, guest speakers, workshops, yoga, and private catered events. We advocate a socially conscious lifestyle through our food and public events. We are proud to serve our customers & community in an ethical & welcoming manner. We work hard to provide delicious and healthy vegan food choices that are accessible to everyone. We do not cook with onion or garlic and are inclusive of dietary sensitivities through providing food that is: gluten-free, soy free, nut free, low GI, sugar free, and low FODMAP friendly.


Our menu is 100% vegan, with a focus on flavour and sustainability. Veganism is central to the concept on which Mantra Lounge was founded. Our food is a celebration of bold flavours and fresh produce, with dishes from around the world. Our expert chefs have created traditional dishes transformed by our uniquely vegan spin, from a creamy lasagna to our chocolate and vanilla “Pleasecake" (like a cheesecake, minus the cheese). Not only will our menu get your taste buds dancing, our dishes perfectly complement a clean, healthy diet.

Our Friends